Spreading Fund Awareness to Retail Employees


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    What are some of the strategies and practices you implement that help spread awareness of your fund to retail employees?


    Zach Cano

    The retail industry typically has a higher turnover on top of many employees being spread out over many different locations. The best practice is to ensure HR/Management at each location is properly educated on the fund, communication through giving campaigns – especially paired with an incentive or competition around giving. In my experience, retail workers love competing against other locations – building a giving campaign around that logic, with an incentive can not only increase awareness – but drive contributions which will fund your program.

    Utilizing Mobile Cause, employees can easily setup a small recurring credit card donation – often times, this can be easier for them to contribute then a large sum at once.


    Christy LeLait

    Promoting a fund to multiple locations and a diverse workforce is a challenge. We know from advertising that we all need to hear information a minimum of 7 times. For a retail business, this could mean including fund information in your employee training, adding information to your email signature, distributing application information in break rooms, any internal media, even posting information in company restrooms.


    Carrie Thomas

    G6 Hospitality is working on a ‘wallet’ card (business card) to put in team member centers in our motels. We will include general information and web site in hopes that team members can take it if in need of funds. We hope to have one side in English and the opposite side in Spanish. Has anyone created anything like this before?


    Cara Baity

    Great idea, Carrie! Small reminders like that can make a big difference. Have you thought about putting flyers or posters in the team member center as well?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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