Employee Donations and Fundraising


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    What types of communication strategies and practices do you find most helpful in increasing employee donations and overall participation?


    Emily Barin

    Hello! This is Emily Barin with EAF. In working with Fund Partners, one strategy that is very helpful in increasing employee awareness and participation is through the use of payroll deduction. Payroll deduction allows employees to spread their pledge over the course of a year, in smaller, more financially manageable amounts. Payroll deduction is convenient and we have seen that companies who utilize this component have more employee engagement overall.


    Melanie Watson

    Hi, this is Melanie from EAF Inc. Some of our fund partners have found the use of fundraising campaigns through Mobile Cause a great tool to increase participation and donations!


    Zach Cano

    Many fund partners find that by looking at their organizations culture – they can design a communication strategy that works best. According to the Aspen Institute, giving campaigns or donation requests are the most effective way to communicate the fund. That being said – I have found great success through incentives and competitions – such as, blue jean Fridays, ice cream socials, pizza parties, silent auctions, PTO donations, and many more.


    Christy LeLait

    I have found the most important component of a successful fundraising drive is to just ask. People want to help, they want to support their co-workers and friends and people like to be asked. Ask often and make it easy to give.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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